6 August 2012

Temperatures took a welcome step down

Three almost fully packed heavy sleds along the flag line in camp. Later these sleds will be pulled to a snow hill each West of camp.


We were about to become tired of walking about in slush in the gloom of dense overcast when nature decided to change the setting. At 1600 camp was hit by a three hour blizzard and afterwards temperatures were more than 3 degrees lower.

We now have the frost we were longing for. If this holds, we will soon be able to groom the skiway area in preparation of our pull out flight on Saturday.

In camp, packing down continues. It is amazing how much stuff we have. It looks particularly daunting when we study the list of camp inventory; but that’s how it is, you can’t run a camp like this without a lot of bits and bobs – even a kitchen sink….

What we have done today:
1. Taking down and packing aerosol and isotope sampling station.
2. Packing, sorting and clearing out in food tent.
3. Service on skidoos, organizing oils and fluids. Documenting contents in 
4. Finished packing on heavy sled with drilling infrastructure.
5. Working on documentation and inventory.
6. Backfilling hole from little elevator.
7. Grooming in camp with beam groomer.

Weather: -6°C to 0°C. Wind: 2 – 10 m/s from SSW and WSW. Overcast all day. Rain and snow showers. At 1600 camp was hit by a 3 hour blizzard with dense snow and blowing snow. During this temperatures dropped by 4 degrees.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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