6 July 2012

The mysterious eighth camp member

Motohiro changing filter on the air sampler

The mysterious eighth camp member Motohiro has been absent from the pictures the last days and today he will be featured in the NEEM Diary.

Motohiro is responsible for a Japanese air sampling program and he collects air and surface snow samples several times each day. He is also taking care of the air stable water isotope measurement in the yellow dome tent.

As we all are very fond of Japanese food, Sarah also successfully inspires him to cook in the kitchen... The rest of us: we teamed to finish the Carpenters Garage and built a pallet with all the retro items from the garage.

What we have done today:
1. Melted samples to be filtered
2. NEGIS: all well; Good weather, Full seismic profile across
    North East Greenland Ice Stream accomplished
3. Finished removing snow and ice around Carpenters Garage
4. Documentation of Carpenters Garage finalized
5. Built pallet with Carpenter Garage retro to SJF items
6. Moved the yellow outdoor toilet tent behind weatherports

-7 °C to -3 °C. Wind 3 to 10 kn from SW turning to SE. Overcast most of the day turning sunny in the evening.

Motohiro cooking Japanese lunch


FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

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