20 July 2012

The final cut

The final cut of the drill cable.


Today Paul, Helle, Rune, Alejandra and Allan left us – we will miss you.

Peter, Miriam, Alex, Anne Katrine, Bo and Lisbeth came to camp – welcome.
Kaitlin will stay until July 23rd. The new camp team is getting into the
NEEM routine!

The big event today was the cut of the cable and that the drill tower was disassembled. It is definitely over.

What we have done today:
1.   Received Skier 52 and new NEEM personal
2.   Air sampling program
3.   Packed pallets
4.   Cut the cable between the drill and the winch
5.   Drill tower down and disassembled
6.   Winch free of cables and motor and ready to be pulled up
7.   Smoothed and widened the ramp to the drill trench
8.   Goodbye to the Science and Education group
9.   Optical logging of the borehole successfully finalized
10. Repair of Pistenbully
11. Checked the seismic data

Ad 11: In 2010 a borehole seismometer was installed in the 400 m deep 2010 S1 borehole. The data recovery is very high  - over 95% and the quality is excellent, also on the accompanying surface sensor.

Weather:-7°C to -4°C. Wind 0-15 kn between S and SE.  Overcast.

On May 20 2012 northern Italy experienced a 5.9 earthquake, that unfortunately caused several deaths. The earthquake was recorded with good quality at NEEM.


FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen


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