17 June 2012

A calm day - good for moving stuff

Pisten Bully pulling caterpillar pulling garage from old valley to new mountain. It all worked out and the garage is now resting on its new elevated foundation.


Today the high winds had disappeared and we could inspect the new dunes of freshly deposited drift snow all around camp.

Besides the ongoing deep sediment drilling, we had plenty of activity on the surface: The garage was moved up on its new hill in a spectacular operation, we started excavating the ramp to the drill trench, the first GPS points of the NEEM strain net were measured, aerosol measurements were started, surface samples were taken for DNA analysis, and equipment from the science trench was moved to surface.

The weather forecast predicts a new storm in a couple of days, but we hope to be able continuing our surface activities tomorrow.

What we have done today
1. Drilling 63 cm sediment core. Total core length: 4.9 m
2. NEGIS: All is well, had sunny calm weather, science program initiated
3. Moving garage up on new hill
4. Working on opening ramp to drill trench
5. Measuring 4 GPS positions at 7.5 km distance
6. Moving stuff out of science trench
7. Initializing aerosol measurements at water vapor tent
8. Taking remote DNA surface samples
9. Celebrating Lars’ recent birthday

Weather: Calm weather with sun and snow showers, wind 2-10 knots from S, temperature -9°C to -12°C.

FL, Anders Svensson

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