18 June 2012

More snow, more wind, and more snow drifting

White in white – it is hard to tell what is up and down with the current weather conditions.


The day started out with overcast and snow showers, but winds were low, so we optimistically started blowing the ramps free of snow with the snow blower and began moving stuff around.

Around lunchtime, however, winds picked up rapidly, snow drift started again, and everything filled in. At the same time we have quite some snowfall so snow dunes are piling up everywhere. The weather forecast predicts another 2-3 days of stormy weather, so we are preparing ourselves for some days of reduced surface activity.

The drillers are now mounting their last extension rod to the rock drill and drilling can continue for a couple of days. Then, however, it is time to start clearing out the drill trench, so hopefully the storm will be over by then.

What we have done today:
1. Drilling 69 cm sediment core. Total core length: 5.6 m
2. NEGIS: All is well, had sunny calm weather, science program initiated
3. Moving equipment into garage on new hill
4. Ramp to drill trench blown free of snow and filled with new drift snow
5. Ramp to carpenters garage blown free of snow and filled with new drift snow
6. Moving stuff out of science trench
7. Making food order for next week’s flight

Ad. 2: NEGIS camp has had good weather for surface work, 10 GPS stations have been set up, the first radar measurements have been made, and the first holes for seismic profiles have been drilled. First velocity and strain measurements can soon be done.

Weather: Overcast, snow showers, snow drift and increasing wind, 5-27 knots from SW, gusts of 30 knots, temperatures are high and rising, -4°C to -11°C.

DNA samples taken from pristine surface snow (yesterday)


Happy Birthday Lars! (yesterday)







FL, Anders Svensson


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