26 July 2012

A gloomy day became nice

Flying weatherport: For safety reasons the white weatherport is lifted away from the now vacant elevator shaft and stair well leading down to the former drill trench. The weatherport can then be disassembled on the surface without risk of falling down.


It has been snowing with drifting snow all night, and this continued in the morning.

The big inclined trench leading into the underground caves almost drifted in. For a moment we were worried if we could excavate the white weatherport and lift it out as planned. However, just after lunch weather improved and we were able to remove snowdrifts and begin excavation.

All afternoon we were digging and chopping ice. Due to the melting in camp two weeks ago, a lot of ice had formed at the base of the weatherport and simply frozen the tent solid to the base. It took quite some chopping and hammering before we finally at dinner time were able to lift the weatherport to the surface.

The group working on carpenters garage had to face similar problems. In the evening, nobody complained about lack of exercise.

What we have done today:
1. Air sampling program
2. Digging, chopping ice and moving the white weatherport to the surface.
3. Digging, chopping ice and continued preparations for moving carpenters garage.

Weather: -14°C to -5°C. Wind 10-18 kn from SW and S. Overcast, snow and drifting snow until 1400. Later clear.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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