14 July 2012

Waiting for cold weather

Checking and rechecking pallets


The unusual warm weather continues and it is clear that we will need to wait until the surface cools. The pallets are checked and rechecked and we are ready for the next flight.

The good old team celebrated a very good Saturday night beginning with a drink in the ballon trench, melon with parma, chicken with orange and chilli, bean salad and lime tart.

What we have do today:
1. Melted samples to be filtered
2. Air sampling program
3. Made shallow pit to observe the melt
4. Removed ice from drill and tower
5. Worked on design of box for science trench scale
6. Lowered ramp to drill site with snow blower on the outside part of the ramp

Weather: -1.1°C to +0.3°C. Wind 0-13 kn from and SW and W. Mostly overcast

Paul observing temperature and melt layers in a snow pit














The water continues to run down into the drill trench



FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen


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