25 June 2012

A final day of high winds?

We refuse to show more pictures of blowing snow: Here a shot of the Dome from Saturday night when the Sun was out

After another day of blowing snow, high winds, complete overcast, and high temperatures the skiway is not in a good condition to receive an airplane.

The flight mission originally scheduled for tomorrow has therefore been postponed to Wednesday morning. Tomorrow we hope to be able to work on the skiway before temperatures are predicted to drop tomorrow night. After a cold night the skiway should be in a good condition.

After recovering a 5 cm large stone from the borehole with the rock drill yesterday, the HT ice drill was lowered in the borehole today. A first run went to the base of the ice where it cleaned the hole and recovered dispersed sediment material that was saved for pollen studies. A second run with the HT drill attempted to drill into the sediment (that is already penetrated by the more narrow rock drill) but the attempt was unsuccessful and resulted in a set of badly broken cutters:
There appear to be no more ice to recover at NEEM.

What we have done today:
1.  Went down two times with HT drill
2.  NEGIS: all well, overcast, some snow, wind 10-15 kts,
     it will be a day of work close to camp
3.  Sorting and packing electrical cables
4.  Quiet indoor activities

Frequent snow showers, snow drift, wind 13-22 knots from WSW. Wind speed is decreasing at night. Temperatures -4°C to -6°C.

Store in a cool and dry place: Ice Queens


FL, Anders Svensson

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