16 May 2012

Day two at NEEM

Foundations are being laid out for the weatherport tents


Most things went fine on this beautiful second day at NEEM. Everybody was busy and everything went fine except for a couple of hiccups: We still have no power for our satellite internet link; but a solution has been found, and we will fix it tomorrow.

With the absence of added telephone and internet connection, we maintain contact with Lars, our FOM, by satellite handheld phone twice a day.

Another little setback was the frozen drain pipes below the main dome. Even though we had water from the main snow melter, we could not use it without a drain. It was unclogged in the evening.

In the afternoon the U.S. traverse tractor train arrived, and we got company for supper. Sarah, our cook made a fine meal for all 15 people.

What we have done today:
1.  Installed central heating in main dome.
2.  Set-up main snow melter.
3.  Work on repairing frozen drain pipes.
4.  Setup 2nd toilet.
5.  Made ramps to all garages.
6.  Caterpillar and one Flexmobile now running.
7.  Prepared for construction of four weatherport tents.
8.  Began to assemble the Danish intermediate depth drill.
9.  All arriving cargo sorted and placed.
10.Gained access to the underground trenches.
11.Receiving the U.S. GrIT traverse arriving from Summit.
12.Searching for solutions to activate our internet satellite link.

Ad.3: As the drain pipes froze up on us, and we were not able to clear them before late in the evening, we will have to wait until tomorrow for water in sinks, shower, dishwasher and kitchen sink. 

Ad. 10: In both the science trench and the drill trench many beams in the roof are broken. One of the triple beams in the drill trench is broken. Otherwise everything is in good order.

Weather: Clear all day. Temp. – 15 °C to -28°C, 5-12 knots from SSE. Visibility: mostly to horizon, some patches of haze.

We are now 11 NEEMers and 4 GrIT personnel in camp.


The newly excavated access ramp to the mechanics garage.


FL, J.P. Steffensen

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