5 July 2012

Paul’s Birthday

The last triumph – using the chain saw to remove the final ice lumps on the north side of the Carpenters Garage

One more day preparing the camp to be packed. All in camp (except Sarah who produced food miracles) united forces to empty and free the Carpenters Garage.

The garage was set up as one of the first structures in 2008 and the floor of the garage is 4-5 m below the present surface. On the backside snow reaches the top of the garage. After Gunnar had removed as much was possible behind the garage with the PistenBully, Gunnar and Rune used snow blowers to lower the snow around the garage.

Finally hammers, spades and chain saws were used to remove the up to 1 m thick ice blocks on the flaps of the garage. Inside Helle, Paul and Alejandra took down the storage system and bundled it to be transported to Kangerlussuaq. The honour of cutting two of the top beams with a chain saw was given to the birthday boy Paul.

What we have done today:
1. Melted samples to be filtered
2. NEGIS: all well; Good weather, Good progress on seismic work,
    1 day of seismic work left, planning of pull out ongoing
3. Taken storage shelves down in Carpenters Garage (with gentle pulling, hammer
    and chain saw)
4. Removed snow and ice around Carpenters Garage with PistenBully, 2 snow
    blowers, chain saw, hammers and spades (will finish tomorrow)
5. Celebrated Paul’s Birthday with special meals, pineapple layered cake
    and many birthday songs

-9 °C to -3 °C. Wind 5 to 13 kn from SE turning to S. Overcast most of the day with light snow in the evening.

The Birthday Boy – Paul – ready to cut the
beams over the shelf system


View into the nearly empty Carpenters Garage with Helle and
Alejandra at the pile of bundled shelves on the floor


FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

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