22 May 2012

Tomorrow NEEM will turn into an airport

Our Pistenbully with tiller in action on the apron. To the left coarse groomed snow and to the right the final snow surface of the apron.


Today we were notified that three aeroplanes intend to fly to NEEM tomorrow. First will be the cargo and passenger plane from the 109th, then the German Basler will arrive with the German radar crew and finally a Twin Otter from the PARCA project will arrive.

The two last planes will stay at NEEM for a while using NEEM as a hub for their North Greenland operations.

In one day camp population will go from 11 to 27. We fell well prepared for this influx of people and if the weather holds camp life will become very different from tomorrow Noon. The put-in crew of 11 enjoyed a last quiet evening.

What we have done today:
1. Danish test drilling at 70.8 m. Cores are fine of around 1.40 m each.
2. Groomed skiway, taxiway and apron with Pistenbully and tiller.
3. Finished pallets with outgoing cargo.
4. Setup flagline.

Weather: Clear with few events of thin broken clouds. Temp. - 19°C to - 29°C, 12-5 knots from S. Visibility: To horizon.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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