29 June 2012

Outdoor day

Gunnar preparing motor for skidoo

Again a wonderfully warm and sunny day. We settled on small tasks today and all were busy in camp. It has been one of the warmest days this year with temperatures very close to zero.

After dinner we all drove to the south end of the skiway with the sofa and had a small ‘little Saturday night’ celebration. The sofa is placed at the end of the skiway only when the ski equipped C-130 have returned to the US so this marked the end of a very
successful flight period.

What we have done today:
1.      Placed new motor in Skidoo, skidoo is out running
2.      NEGIS: all well; radar equipment being packed, seismic program started
3.      Repaired skiway flags
4.      Gathered empty foam boxes in camp for end-of-season food storage
5.      Sorted bamboo on bamboo sledge
6.      Placed sofa at south end of skiway
7.      Make an overview of what is inside sauna garage
8.      Set up a tent for Paul
9.      Prepared for pit project

-4 °C warming to -0.5 °C. Wind 0-3 kn from S. Varying overcast and sun.

Alejandra exchanging broken bamboo poles on skiway flags

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

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