21 July 2012

The winch is moved out of the drill trench

The drill trench without the winch and tower.

The heavy winch has to be pulled out of the drill trench by the inclined
ramp that has been opened. A long line of chains is made up the inclined
ramp and the crane of the PistenBully is pulled out and attached to the
chains on the surface. Slowly the winch is pulled up using beams to make
it glide on the ramps snow surface and beams are used along the side as
gliders too. We made it and the winch was chained on a pallet and moved to
the apron.

The central part of the tower with the linear motors was also pulled up
the ramp and chained to a pallet for retro Sunday.

We had a slightly delayed Saturday Evening prepared by the chefs Peter D., Myriam and Kaitlin. Thanks for a very sophisticated dinner. After midnight dancing as the NEEM tradition is.

What we have done today:
1. Air sampling program
2. Packed pallets with winch and central tower part
3. Moved tower parts out of drill trench
4. Placed the first two casing tubes
5. Melt layer studies
6. Packed deep drill equipment in and around drillers cabin
7. Packed optical logging winch and equipment
8. Enjoyed Saturday Evening

Weather: -12°C to -6°C. Wind 3-15 kn from SE turning to W. Overcast.

The winch on the way up the inclined ramp.



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FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen