17 May 2012

NEEM camp now fully operational

A rare sight on the ice sheet: Robin from the traverse cycles back to his tent after supper in the main dome

Today the last small problems were solved, and the camp is now fully operational. The main dome is warm and cosy.

Once the NEEM fuel tanks were pulled into position, the traverse people worked on transferring fuel from their bladders to NEEM tanks. Although this is the last field season at NEEM in this project period, we still receive fuel because NEEM is going
to be hub for U.S. and German operations in North Greenland. As these
operations require the use of airoplanes, we need to have fuel for them.

Building up of camp progresses in a fine speed and work outside is a
pleasure in this fine weather.

Again we enjoyed the company of the traverse people, and much to our surprise they even brought a bicycle! Several in camp got the chance of a first bicycle ride on the ice sheet.

What we have done today:
1. Pulled NEEM fuel tanks into position: Two tanks at the apron and one next to main
2. Transferred fuel from GrIT traverse to NEEM tanks.
3. Erected weatherport for food (12 x 20) and one for quarters (10 x 15)and finished
    the foundation for the last two weatherports.
4. Excavated the floor over the elevator and staircase to the trenches. Since last year
    1.7 m snow had accumulated.
5. Main water supply and drains are now working.
6. Rolled out drill cable for the Danish intermediate depth drill and rewound it under
    tension onto the winch. Continued with assembly of the drill.
7. Raised all markers on the Southern half of the skiway, including lead-in, and taxiway
    and apron.
8. Fixed the satellite internet connection. It is now powered by a car-battery.

Weather: Clear with few thin clouds. Temp. - 15 °C to - 19 °C, 12-3 knots
from SSE. Visibility: to horizon.

Our diesel fuel pump was hard at work transferring fuel from tractor train bladders to NEEM tanks


FL, J.P. Steffensen

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