10 June 2012

Water rationing day

Some unclear images to illustrate work in the drill trench under red light conditions. To the right is 15 cm material including a small stone recovered from the deep hole.

Early Sunday morning we discovered that the ladies urinal was leaking water due to a dislodged seal. In fact it had been leaking for some time and the main snow melter was almost empty. The toilet was repaired, but it took all Sunday with water rationing to build up the volume of water in the snow melter again.

It is Sunday, and work began a little later than on week days. The air crew had the day off; but tomorrow they will fly again. This time to the NEGIS (North East Greenland Ice Stream) site.

At dinner we celebrated Sepps birthday and in preparation, Sarah had assistance from many people to make fabulous Japanese type Sushi, and for desert we had tiramisu.

What we have done today:
1. NEGIS team working seismic profile West of NEEM camp and sorting cargo for
    deployment by Basler.
2. Drilling with rock drill in red light.
3. Celebrating  Sepp’s birthday.
4. Working on steel beams for garage move.
5. Repairing leaking toilet and rebuilding main snow melter water level.

Ad.2: Drillers were again able to retrieve 20 cm basal material under red light. In the process they recovered a hardened cutter plate which was lost two days ago.

Weather: Clear. Temp. – 9°C to – 21°C, 5 knots from SE to S. Visibility: Unrestricted.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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