9 July 2012

Receiving NEGIS and Polar 6

Gunnar fuelling the Polar 6

The morning was used finishing the snow blowing of the ramp to the drill trench and removing the snow blocks from the ramp.

In addition Gunnar started to groom the center part of the skiway. There has been no snowfall or drifting since the last mission 27 June and except for the depressions made by the skier during the last mission, the skiway is fine and hard.

Just after lunch Polar 6 arrived from NEGIS with cargo and Kiya and Alan. Polar 6 took off as soon as possible with a box lunch to pick up the second load and the remaining NEGIS team members, Leo and Knut.

They were back at dinner time and after unloading and fuelling Polar 6, we all had dinner. The radar and seismic results from NEGIS are very exciting and the project has been a success. We used the evening packing pallets, measuring the NEEM GPS stations and looking at the science of NEGIS.

What we have done today:
1. Melting samples to be filtered
2. Air sampling program
3. Twp pick-up missions of the NEGIS camp
4. Fuelling Polar 6 with 967+2234 = 3201 liters of fuel
5. Grooming the skiway
6. Organizing NEGIS cargo on pallets.
7. Finalizing the snow blowing of the ramp to the drill trench
8. Removing snow blocks from drill trench ramp
9. Hosting NEGIS team and Polar 6 crew

-13 °C to -4 °C. Wind 7-17 kn from SE turning to S. A sunny day with only few clouds.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

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