28 June 2012

Red Dome packed

Seven of the eight in camp busy taking the red dome down.

The low winds made this a perfect day for outdoor work and we decided to take the red dome down. The dome was constructed in 2008 and was deep below the present surface.

After blowing snow away around the dome and hacking ice away on the south side the cover was lifted off with the Pistenbully crane. The frame was next and the dome was packed on a pallet for retro to Kangerlussuaq next flight period.

Long beams under the floor where moved to the timber sledge while the old plywood floor and wooden beds will not be kept in camp.

What we have done today:
1.   Taken red Dome down and packed on a pallet for retro to SFJ
2.   NEGIS:all well;  Radar line are finished preparations for seismic lines
      will be finalized today
3.   Organized in fresh food tent

-4 °C warming to -0.5 °C. Wind 2-7 knt from W turning to N. Varying overcast.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

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