4 August 2012

Last Saturday celebration at NEEM

A NEEM tradition ends. Sverrir prepares barbequed lamb in a snow pit for Saturday evening dinner. In most years of NEEM, Sverrir has prepared snow lamb as a last Saturday dinner.

We celebrated the last Saturday evening at NEEM with a new heat wave arriving.

Dinner was snow lamb and potato gratin. We had a fine dinner,and afterwards the next competition in icelympics were on: Table soccer.
The results were: 1st Australia (J.P.) and Canada (Anne-Katrine), 2nd U.K.
(Alexandra) and U.S.A. (Bo), 3rd Denmark (Bo) and Greenland (Myriam).

Things around camp were moved around with great care as surface contrast
most of the day was low. And there was a big move. All ice samples and the
remaining frozen food was moved from the science trench to the balloon

What we have done today:
1. Air sampling program. Calibration and shut down
2. Service on Pistenbully
3. Moving ice samples and frozen food to balloon trench
4. Sorting out food. A small quantity is placed under the floor of the dome
5. Working on documentation and inventory

Weather: - 4°C to - 1°C. Wind: 2 – 5 m/s from SW to SE. Overcast most of the day. At 1700 clearing, at 2300 fog.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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