23 May 2012

Welcome to NEEM airport

Two beautiful aeroplanes parked on the NEEM apron. In front a Basler (rebuilt DC-3) and behind a Twin Otter.

It has been a very busy and successful day. At 10.40 a 109th plane landed with passengers and cargo and conditions were so good, that the NEEM skiway was upgraded so we may fly in more cargo in the next plane. Also, we were able to send out a full load cargo to Kangerlussuaq. The plane was on the snow in one hour and it took off without difficulties.

At 16.15 the Basler arrived and at 17.43 the Twin Otter. These two planes will operate out of NEEM in the coming days.

Life in camp has been completely changed and population has grown from 11 to 27. Sarah has been very busy in the kitchen to cater for all new arrivals.

Camp opening is now over, and we enter now a phase of scientific work. In the coming days, people will do measurements in the deep borehole, one plane will be used to service the PARCA network, the other plane will fly radar surveys of the ice sheet, Danish and German teams will both test their drill systems. It is going to be interesting.

What we have done today:
1. Receiving Skier 31 (95) LC-130 with cargo and passengers.
2. Receiving Alfred Wegener Institute Polar 6, Basler (rebuilt DC-3)
3. Receiving Norlandair Twin Otter with PARCA project.
4. Danish test drilling at 92.5 m. Cores are fine of around 1.40 m each.
5. Groomed skiway, taxiway and apron with Pistenbully and tiller.
6. Unpacked pallets with arriving cargo and placed food shipment in food stores.
7. Began assembly of AWI drill system for test drilling South of sauna tent.

Ad.4: After final adjustments the drillers have found a stable routine where they can drill 1.4 m cores in 20 minute runs. Drilling in a dry hole is now over and after measurements in the deep hole have been completed, drillers will continue testing with a new borehole fluid.

Weather: Clear with haze in the morning. Temp. - 15°C to - 25°C, 12-5 knots from SSE.
Visibility: 5km to horizon.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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