15 July 2012

Same story again…

Clean pit sampling

News?? Observing pit, moving ice blocks, removing ice from drill. All reported the last days.

The best news is that the weather forecasts from Marc de Keyser promise sunny and cold weather in a few days. We are very set on being able to start flight operations Tuesday July 17th morning.

We are looking forward to report to you the outcome of the Tang and Swiss milk experiments (yellow and brown!!) but need to wait for the surface top one meter to freeze before we open and observe the penetration into the snow.

What we have done today:
1. Melted samples to be filtered
2. Air sampling program
3. Made one more shallow pit to observe the melt and sample
4. Removed ice from drill and tower
5. Built box for science trench scale
6. Removed blocks to lower the ramp to the drill trench with 60 cm at the entrance

Weather:  -3.2°C to +1.2°C. Wind 0-13 kn from and WSW. Ground fog until 600 local, sunny.

Removing ice blocks in T-shirt










FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

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