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27 June 2012

Big change in camp

Five new and one old NEEM crew in the top office.


Today the weather is good with no snowfall and not much wind. Just a little ground fog coming in and out.

Skier 95 arrived to camp at 10:15 with 6 new NEEM’ers and picked up 11. So only Sara and Motohiro remains of the old group. This is a very big change in camp and we hope us newcomers can fill in for the departing friends.

Before dinner a little welcome in the top office. Sara is cooking and Dorthe is taking the picture. We are looking forward to some good weeks at NEEM and need a few days to obtain the NEEM face only tan.

What we have done today:
1. Received Skier 95
2. NEGIS:all well and sunny
3. Packed ice pallet
4. Cleared skiway flags from rim
5. Received fresh food, empty boxes, a few boxes science cargo and 6800 l fuel
6. Settled in and unpacked

Weather:  -10°C warming to -3°C. Wind 5-12 kn from S-SW. Groundfog patches during the whole  day.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

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