Formal documents related to the NEEM project can be found in the menu to the left:

  • The NEEM data and publication policy.
  • The NEEM media use policy. All persons, including visitors, going to Greenland as part of the NEEM field campaign implicitly give their consent to use of pictures/recordings according to these rules by accepting to participate in the field campaign.
  • A description of the procedure for medical testing prior to the field season.

Furthermore, a number of reports and plans related to the preparation of the field season are available, sorted by year:

  • The Field season plan is the final plan for the field work, and contains a description of the objectives of the field season, a list of the participants, and various practical and technical information.
  • The SITREPs are weekly situation reports from the field operations office in Kangerlussuaq on the Greenland West coast and contain a summary of the main activities together with personnel and cargo movements
  • The NEEM project is managed by a Steering Committee (SC). The SC has one or two annual meetings, from which minutes and other relevant material is available. Minutes from the science consortia are found on the consortia pages (restricted access).
  • NEEM financial report & budget is available on the consortia pages (restricted access).
  • NEEM Field Season Report is the final report of the season including all SITREPs