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During the field season, the field operations office in Kangerlussuaq is manned by 1-3 Field Operations Managers (FOMs).
The field operations office is the main communications link to the camp.

NEEM field operations office 

KISS building, room 208
Phone +299 84 11 51 (please remember the time zone difference when calling from abroad)
Mobile: +299 52 41 25
Fax +299 84 12 27
E-mail: neem-fom@gfy.ku.dk  

Mail to the field operations office or field participants can be sent to 

Box 12
DK-3910 Kangerlussuaq
Mail to field participants will be held in Kangerlussuaq or forwarded to the camp on the first available plane.
Urgent and important messages to field participants can be sent by e-mail to the field operations office and will be forwarded via satellite to the camp. Due to the high cost and low bandwidth of this solution, attachments will not be forwarded. For information on how to contact field participants directly via Iridium phone or the BGAN Inmarsat e-mail system, refer to the field season plan. Note that the cost may be up to US$10/minute

Outside the field season, contact

NEEM Steering Committee
Chairman, professor Dorthe Dahl-Jensen
National representatives

Logistics team:
J.P. Steffensen
Lars Berg Larsen

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