Ice sample request procedure 

Professor J.P. Steffensen is curator of the ice core repository in Copenhagen that contains more than 17 km of documented ice core material from NEEM and more than 25 other locations in Greenland.

Ice core material is mainly provided to the international partners of the drilling operations. Ice samples can only be obtained after approval by the NEEM scientific Steering Committee (SC), that consists of scientists that represent the nations contributing to the NEEM project. 

Most sample requests are coordinated and handled by the SC national representatives, but the curator will consider requests for ice core material from other scientists as well. A request for ice core material should contain

  • a description of the scientific rationale behind the request
  • an assessment of the amounts of ice needed
  • a short description of the applicant's scientific background.

If ice material is available, the curator will forward the request to the NEEM Steering Committee (SC) for an evaluation of the request.

Please send your request for ice samples to Jørgen Peder Steffensen, Centre for Ice and Climate, Copenhagen. Please understand that reply times may be considerable during the field season.