29 May 2012

Adverse weather

Drilling with the German drill South of camp. To the left, the drill is horizontal for service and core removal and to the right, the drill is vertical and ready for descent in the hole.

Summer has arrived to NEEM, bringing clouds, snow and very high temperatures. The absence of contrast and poor visibility due to snow made it more difficult to work outside. Inside the tents and on any exposed surface of boxes and crates snow began to melt, forming puddles of water.

Martin, Philip and Sepp operated the German drill. Sverrir and Lou were conducting experiments with a reconfigured beam groomer, Simon, Carsten, Tyler and Trevor worked in the drill trench, Dan and Erin worked with the logger, J.P. and Mirena cleared out in the carpenter garage while Marja, Jakob and Sarah worked in and around the main dome.

At lunch time J.P. reminded everybody about the dangers of driving snow mobiles too fast in poor contrast and visibility. On the snow neither holes nor snow drifts can be detected before it may be too late and a crash happens.

What we have done today:
1. German shallow drill test in progress.
2. U.S. sonic logging to 600 m in deep hole.
3. Cleaning out in carpenter garage.
4. Cleaning out in drill trench.
5. Experimenting with new beam groomer design.

Ad.1: The first cores have been drilled; but still some adjustments have to be made along the way.

Ad.2: Sonic logging progressed to 600 m depth when the signal disappeared.
The logger was retrieved for repairs, and this evening the next attempt is in progress.

Ad.3 and 4: We are beginning to clear out stored equipment and prepare equipment not needed during a future move of camp for shipment to Kangerlussuaq for storage there.

Weather: Thick overcast all day. Temp. – 2.8°C to –7.5°C, 5-16 knots from SW to W. Visibility: 500 m – 1 km, substantial snow fall.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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