31 May 2012

A gloomy day with a gloomy technical fault

A picture of part of camp illustrating the gloomy weather and gloomy mood regarding the drill incident at the tower to the left.

Well, actually the bad weather returned with thick clouds, snow and blowing snow. We had to cancel a planned flight of Polar 6.

Right after lunch the German drill suffered a mechanical fault. The cable holding the top wheel broke, and the drill plunged 9 m into the hole. As the main cable snapped taught, the drill split in two, leaving only the top section attached to the cable. The bottom part of the drill now sits at 25 m depth. Most important of all: Nobody got hurt. A borehole camera was sent down to inspect, and in the afternoon and evening several plans were made to rescue the drill. The crew in camp is still optimistic about rescuing the drill.

Grooming with the modified groomer seems to work just fine, and the skiway improves.

Sonic logging is on the right track, and they expect to have completed their work by tomorrow.

What we have done today:
1. Cancelled planned flight with Polar 6.
2. Removed fluid mixing station in drill trench.
3. Grooming skiway, taxiway and apron.
4. German shallow drilling: Mechanical fault.
5. First U.S. sonic logging almost complete.
6. Work on rescue of drill.

Ad.2: The fluid mixing station was dismantled, and Trevor described this task as equivalent to working in salt mines.

Ad.6: The rescue plans involve special fishing tools that will be produced in the coming days.

Weather: Overcast. Temp. – 3°C to –10°C, 5-17 knots from SW to SSW.
Visibility: 1 km. Snow and blowing snow.

FL, J.P. Steffensen


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