3 August 2012

Preparing to close the science trench

The end of the NEEM drill trench. To the left is the still open tunnel to the science trench. Of the drill trench only a few broken roof beams and some sticks of bamboo remain. The rest is snow…

The drill trench is not anymore. And we are preparing to close the science trench.

We have removed the elevator in the science trench and all remaining boxes are being documented and closed. Tomorrow we will empty the science trench completely.

A small storage of frozen food and the remaining snow and ice samples will be stored in the balloon cave, which was constructed in June. 

On the surface, cleaning up and packing is progressing fine, and we are confident that we will have finished packing in time.

What we have done today:
1. Air sampling program.
2. Repairing wooden heavy sled.
3. Documenting and sorting frozen food in trench.
4. Collecting and sorting last items from trenches.
5. Working on documentation and inventory.
6. Taking down small elevator and stowing it on heavy sled.

Weather: - 15°C to -3°C. Wind: 2 – 6 m/s from SW. Overcast most of the day. At 2000 one hour sunshine,at 2100 dense fog and at 2300 snow.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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