3 July 2012

Busy and wonderful day

Sarah’s outstanding sushi buffet

Not much news to tell because the packing just goes on.

Really strong progress was made packing and documenting the Carpenters Garage and we believe we can see the end of it soon. It is unbelievable how much we have in store… 

While most were packing and documenting, Gunnar used the whole day removing snow from the roof of the drill trench and lowering the surface south of the camp with the Pisten Bully. Alejandra initiated the melting of the big snow samples she has collected from the pit.

Although being heavily involved in the packing of all the kitchen equipment in the Garage, Sarah (with helpers) produced the most outstanding sushi menu for us all. It is a treat just to be eight in camp and we are totally spoilt by Sarah. A big THANKS to Sarah!

What we have done today:
1.     Melting samples initiated
2.     NEGIS:all well;  Good weather, The seismic program about two thirds done
3.     Sorted, documented and packed in Carpenters Garage
4.     Blowing snow away from drill trench roof around borehole location
5.     Moving snow with PistenBully to lower surface south of drill trench
6.     Restocking dome with expendables
7.     Entering documentation in a documentation 2012 files
8.     Enjoyed Sarahs outstanding sushi buffet

Ad 3: 25 Zarges boxes have been packed and documented to be stored on a NEEM traverse sledge. 15 boxes/items have been placed on a pallet to retro to Kangerlussuaq

Ad 6: In preparation for the new documentation software, the NEEM 2012 documentation consists of an overview file with one line information pr box, a text file for each box with the detailed content and a jpeg file with a picture of the box.

-16 °C to  -8 °C. Wind 5 to 16 kn from SE turning to S.  Sunny.

A sushi plate


PistenBully in action moving snow from south side of the drill trench


FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

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