1 August 2012

NEEM camp is changing

Myriam is hurling the block as far as she can while Peter is watching.

Today we finished packing all drilling equipment onto a heavy sled, and the area around the former drill trench is now clear of cargo. At the same time Sverrir and Lou completed the garage move and backfilled the hole left behind. We also organized the timber on a heavy sled and pulled it into camp.

We have fewer and fewer spots on the snow with equipment, so slowly but surely more and more of the snow surface is given back to nature.

We feel confident that we will finish packing in time for the closing of camp August 11.

Again today we had to face melting and handling wet equipment. At Noon the cloud cover was so thick that it was easy to see the headlights of vehicles in the gloom…

…but the Icelympic games continued with ice block hurling. There were two disciplines: Throwing distance (1st Peter, 2nd Alexandra and 3rd Bo) and precision (1st J.P.,2nd Myriam and 3rd Anne Katrine).

What we have done today:
1. Air sampling program
2. Finished packing sled with drilling equipment
3. Lumber sled packed and pulled into camp
4. Packing and documenting carpenters sled in progress
5. Consolidated floor and walls of carpenter garage with snow
6. Backfilling hole at carpenter tents old position
7. Extending bore hole casing and capping it
8. Icelympics: Ice block hurling

Weather:-6°C to -2°C. Wind: 5 to 10 kt from SW. Overcast and snow showers all day. At 2100 slightly improving.

Competitors in icelympics: Anne Katrine, Myriam, Lisbeth, J.P., Peter, Bo and Satow are discussing during the games.


The ice block hurling team. From top left: Alexandra, Anne Katrine, Bo, J.P., Lisbeth, Myriam, Peter and Satow.


FL, J.P. Steffensen

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