2 August 2012

Packing continues - this time in sunshine

Final items are being loaded onto the heavy sled containing most of drill trench infrastructure.


Packing down camp equipment onto heavy sleds has its own rhythm. Each box,
piece of furniture, pipe or drum is pulled to the sled and then the item
is documented before it is loaded onto the sled.

It is a meticulous and slow process; but we need to know exactly what has been loaded in order to have good plans for a future ice core drilling.

Today has been special for this last crew at NEEM. The Sun has been shining all day. Several used the opportunity to take a walk or drive with snowmobiles to the far end of the skiway to get away from camp and experience the vast emptiness of the ice sheet and the stunning view of flat, white surface and deep blue sky.

What we have done today:
1. Air sampling program.
2. Restocking carpenters tent and installing electricity.
3. North most three power outlets removed.
4. Packing and documenting carpenter sled finished.
5. Working on documentation and inventory.
6. Opening entrance to balloon trench.
7. Building empty drum pallet on pallet sandwich.

Weather:- 13°C to -4°C. Wind: 3 m/s from SSW. Sunshine and blue skies most of the day.

There was time to enjoy the Sun at the picnic tables.


Packing: All items going on the heavy sleds are presented to camera for photo documentation.


FL, J.P. Steffensen

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