18 July 2012

A very interesting day

The big German sledge on the way out skier 31.


With the drillers, loggers and seismic teams the camp is running full speed. In addition we had two skiers coming with the first two big German sledges.

The day was busy with drilling in the deep borehole where interesting events always happen. The big event today was the recovery of the evil stone that has stopped the drilling in 2010 and again in 2011.

On the picture you can see three tracks of drill cutters chewing into the rock: 1) tracks of the Hans Tausen cutters, 2) tracks of the rock drill cutters and 3) tracts of the concrete drill cutters. Quite impressive what his little 5 cm has been subject to and the different angles of the events show the stone has changed position.

The sledges also excited us as they only had few cm’s slip at the side of the Skier. It took some planning to get them in and out the air plane. It went very, very well – a big Hurra for Sverrir of his genius plan.

The dinner was outstanding! Sarah barbequed lobster for us and it was so good.

What we have done today:
1. Received Skier 31 and 32 with big German slegdes
2. Air sampling program
3. Packed pallets
4. Drilled with the new concrete drill
5. Planned Science and Education group visit
6. Setup of Bryn’ logger outside drill trench roof
7. Checked and improved GLISN seismic recording system
8. A final pit study to measure temperature and see if the melt layers have
9. Drilled a 4.5 m deep ice core with the hand auger drill to study melt layers.

Weather:  -7°C to -2°C. Wind 0-10 kn from SW turning to WNW. Overcast from time to time with low thin clouds

The evil rock.


Lobster for dinner.



FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen








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