12 July 2012

Even warmer!

Meltlayer forming 15 cm below surface

Going into the third day with positive temperatures. We can feel that the surface layer is heating and getting very soft.

In the morning Paul, Helle, Alejandra and Rune made a pit study and observed that melt layers are forming about 15 cm below the surface. The top 20 cm of the surface is heated to -0.3 °C. The top 20-25 cm is so soft that we sink through even on the hard skiway and the hard surface in front of the Dome.

We have placed buckets to collect the melting water and we have removed ice from the nearly full trough on the drill tower to protect the drill. Today we have had good visibility and sun most of the day and even with the clear sky temperatures reached a new record of +1.3 °C. The Netherland flag was the first to fall and was rescued by the teamsters.

What we have done today:
1. Melted samples to be filtered
2. Air sampling program
3. Made shallow pit to observe the melt
4. Rebuilt the too heavy NEGIS pallet
5. Maintenance of the Cat
6. Removed ice from drill and tower

+0.3 °C to +1.3 °C. Wind 12 to 15 kn from SSW. Clear sky most of the day.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

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Removing ice in the drill trench

Ice in the drill trench


Comparison of the temperature at NEEM 2009-2012




The last week's temperatures


NEEM partner flags melting down


Replacing the Netherland's flag