10 July 2012

Tropical NEEM

The NEEM information board showing outdoor temperature of +0.8 °C. A record at NEEM.

At 06:00 in the morning the weather was -10 °C and the preparations for departure of Polar 6 started. Polar 6 was airborne at 07:55 with the four NEGIS members as well as Sarah going for a (hopefully) short holiday in Kangerlussuaq.

During the morning, temperatures just kept increasing and during lunch the temperature because postitive. At 14:00 we reached the maximum of the day +0.8 °C, a record at NEEM.

The snow is soft and it is raining, Gunnar would like to order new rubber for the window cleaners on the CAT. It is dripping badly in the Dome and from the cleaned roof of the
drill trench. We all agree that we prefer frost at NEEM!

A great thanks to Marc for predicting these warm temperatures so we could groom the skiway Monday before the warm temperatures reached us. Marc predicts the temperature at NEEM will stay between -1 °C and +1 °C the next 4 days!

We enjoyed Kasper's Danish Flaeskesteg (roasted pork) and watched the Danish movie ‘The Green Butchers’ while the water dripped into the Dome.

What we have done today:
1. Melted samples to be filtered
2. Air sampling program
3. Supported the departure of Polar 6
4. Organizing the remaining NEGIS cargo on pallets.
5. Removed the long tables from the science trench and the floor grids that were
    stacked at the entrance to the science trench
6. Placed buckets to collect the dripping water in the Dome
7. Hosted NEGIS team and Polar 6 crew

-12 to +1 °C. Wind 10 to 15 kn from S turning to SW. Sun in the early morning, low overcast with rain from 10:00.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

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Alejandra’s Temperasaurus at NEEM – we hope it will become a snow sculpture some time?

Kasper presenting the Flaeskesteg

Motohiro between the buckets at his desk in the Dome