25 July 2012

The “drill trench” is now just a hole in the ground

Main elevator: A group of happy people after dismantling the main elevator and bringing it to the surface. From left: Myriam, Bo, Peter, Lisbeth, Anne Katrine and Alexandra.

On this gray and snowy day we removed the last infrastructure from the
drill trench. Lamps and hoists were removed and later all electrical
installations: Cables, panels and the big elevator. Now only the casing
pipe remains in the middle of the floor. 

Also carpenters garage was emptied. All collected bits and pieces were sorted out as rubbish (to be sent to Kangerlussuaq)and useful items to be documented and packed.

In the empty carpenters garage preparations began to mount the rails that
will make it possible to move it from the deep hole it is sitting in to a
new snow hill. 

The mood in camp is good, and everybody participated in the work.

What we have done today:
1. Air sampling program
2. Maintenance on main generator
3. Emptying drill trench, removing lamps, electrical installations and main
4. Emptying carpenters garage and preparing for move
5. New power line for aerosol and air sampling site
6. Emptying white weather port

Weather: -13°C to -4°C. Wind 3-15 kn from SW. Overcast and snow all day. Drifting snow.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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