7 June 2012

Finally the LC-130 came

Substantial excavation is needed to free the garage from the grip of snow. This garage was built on a 1.5 m hill in 2008.

Waiting for good weather conditions pays off. Today we had a very successful mission with the New York Air Guard Hercules plane on skis. The crew said that the skiway was really good.

The arrival of the Hercules coincided completely with the departure of the DC-3, so while the Hercules was taxiing in the DC-3 taxied out for take off. For a moment NEEM camp looked like a busy airport.

The arrival of an LC-130 is always associated with big changes to camp life. Several people left and many new arrived. Some projects are over and other projects may begin.

What we have done today:
1. Prepared deep drill for bedrock drilling.
2. Received Skier 51 (92) and 12 new NEEM’ers and good-bye to 5. We are now 26 in
3. Basler mission to Illulissat.
4. Unpacking arriving cargo and organizing food in food storage.
5. Sorting out arriving NEGIS cargo.
6. Began construction of roof over access ramp to experimental trench.

Ad.1: The drill has been mounted, and tomorrow drillers will make the first descent to the bottom of the deep hole, some 2538 m down.

Weather: Dense fog in the morning, which lifted at 8.30. Otherwise clear.
Temp. – 6°C to – 17°C, 5-6 knots from SE. Visibility: 300 m in fog, later unrestricted.

A beautiful portrait of the shallow drill in deep field operation with Simon and Trevor as operators.


FL, J.P. Steffensen

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