16 June 2012

Stormy weather

Working in the mine shafts of NEEM

Today we had storm with average wind speed around 30 knots (16 m/s) occasionally rising to 35 knots. Indeed, there was ‘no significant improvement’ as the weather forecast predicted. The strong wind loosens snow from the surface and there is considerable snow drift several meters above surface, so it feels like being in a snow storm. Furthermore, meter high dunes of soft snow are piling up around tents and buildings.

Because the contrast is very low it’s almost impossible to see where you walk and we are half walking half falling through the piles of snow when walking around camp. Still, it is possible to see from one tent to the next, so there is no risk of getting lost.

Under those conditions it’s basically impossible to do any work on the surface, so we have to postpone moving the garage and moving our trench gear to the surface.

Fortunately, drilling is not influenced by weather and we got a good run of 36 cm brownish sediment recovered in some 9 hours. Besides, it is Saturday, so we take advantage of the situation and stay inside cooking nice food and enjoy the good company.

What we have done today:
1. Drilling 36 cm sediment core
2. NEGIS: All is well, weather is cloudy and warm, but not as windy as here
3. Widening the ramp to the drill trench to allow for the winch to be pulled out
4. Getting ready to empty science trench when weather permits
5. Securing smaller tents against the storm
6. Packing Swiss saw for shipment
7. Enjoying delicious meal Indian style, prepared by Lars, Nanna, Eliza, and Astrid

Ad. 3: The drill trench ramp is not yet open to surface, but the deeper part is accessible from the trench (picture)

Ad. 5: Splendid Indian curries for main course. For desert, New Nordic Kitchen ‘Tropical Island’ Coconut ice cream made from freshly-picked light-isotropic Greenland Inland Ice snow.

Weather: Storm, overcast, snowdrift, wind 20-30 knots from SSW, temperature -7°C to -10°C. Winds went down at night but we got snow showers instead. Still, we hope for reasonable conditions tomorrow.

Lars and Nanna practicing New Nordic Kitchen with a twist of Indian cuisine.


FL, Anders Svensson

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