Field season 2007

Week 32

12 August 2007

All measurements and drillings were completed and the camp was packed up for the winter. A Hercules arrived to fly the team and the ice cores out but was stuck in the warm snow with a mechanical fault on the nose ski and too little fuel left. A day went by waiting for a second plane to bring in extra fuel. Finally, all personnel and ice cores were flown out in good shape. The expedition was successful: We have collected three ice cores, mapped the entire route from NGRIP to NEEM and the area around NEEM by radar. A GPS position network from NGRIP to NEEM and around NEEM has been established. We have transferred heavy equipment from NGRIP to NEEM, and we have constructed a seed camp and a skiway at NEEM. In other words, we have made a start of deep ice core drilling at NEEM in 2008 possible.

Week 31

5 August 2007

After a few fixes under way, such as some welding work on the belts of the Toyota, the team arrived at the future NEEM site. The vehicles held out without any major breakdowns and after setting up camp, a small ceremony was held: Lars (former member of the Danish national team in volleyball) took a volleyball and kicked it out on the snow. Where it landed was designated as the site of the future deep ice core drilling. We always like a scientific approach. We placed a flag on the site and made a toast in malt whisky. The NEEM camp now has an official position: N 77 degrees 55 minuttes, W 51 degrees 3 minuttes, 2483 m a.s.l. Work in and around camp continues: Detailed radar measurements of the ice have to be performed and yet at shallow core has to be drilled.

Week 30

29 July 2007

The traverse is well under way. At prespecified locations, the train stops to drill shallow ice cores. One drilling is already complete, and at the same time optimizations to the electronics, the vehicles and to camp amenities are made. A portable shower has, for instance, been created.

Week 29

22 July 2007

A number of unforeseen complications delayed the start of the traverse. It turned out that if the two systems were too close to each other, the powerful American radar could fry the electronics in the German radar. Repairs and further testing were conducted while Lars and Sverrir made an excursion to the American Summit camp to pick up a drum of engine oil. Finally, the traverse can start which the team celebrated with a barbeque in the snow.

Week 28

15 July 2007

A put-in was finally possible. After a couple of attempts the team arrived at NGRIP and a flight from Summit to NGRIP brought necessary equipment for the traverse. Before the traverse can start, some days are spent in camp making preparations: The radar and GPS equipment has to be set up, the vehicles must be checked and measurements on the old NGRIP borehole have to be performed.

Week 25

24 June 2007

The group was flown to NGRIP but the weather did not permit take off until three days later. Since this delay meant that a second flight with more food and spare parts was impossible, it was decided to close down the camp again and bring the group back to Kangerlussuaq. A new attempt to go to NGRIP will be made in 3 weeks.