18 May 2012

Camp opening is well under way

Trevor at the product of his efforts in the past days: The now open main entrance to the trenches


The day began with good byes. At 8.00 this morning the GrIT traverse began
its journey to Thule. For two days we have enjoyed the company of the four
traverse people, their tractors and bicycles. 

We erected the last two weatherports and so far all snow blowing and weatherport construction has happened without mishaps, such as cut electrical cables…

Weather continues to behave, and we have begun work on the skiway. Everybody is beginning to look like seasoned field hands due to the long hours in the open exposed to wind and sun. Sepp and Tyler built weatherports, Simon and Carsten
worked on the drill, Sverrir, Lou and J.P. worked on the skiway, Trevor
finished his job of opening the trenches, Jakob got the NEEM camp computer
system going, H.C. began setting up a water vapour sampling station and
Sarah made several good meals. All in all a good productive day.

What we have done today:
1. Said goodbye to the U.S. GrIT traverse.
2. Cleaned area for the white weatherport and laid new floor.
3. Installed staircase to the trenches.
4. Erected two weatherports for quarters (10 x 15 and 10 x 10). All weatherports
    are up. There are now beds for full manning.
5. Groomed apron and prepared grooming of the skiway.
6. Main water supply and drains are now working.
7. Continued with assembly of the Danish drill.
8. All markers on skiway, lead-ins, taxiway and apron have been lifted.
9. Began work on setting up water vapour sampling station.

Weather: Clear. Temp. - 16°C to - 25°C, 12-3 knots from SE. Visibility: To

The U.S. traverse leaves NEEM en route to Thule. The tiny dot in the center of the image is the NEEM main dome


FL, J.P. Steffensen

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