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Camp layout 

The picture below shows an arial vies of the NGRIP camp, the predecessor of the NEEM camp. Some of the elements of the NEEM camp are designed slightly differently (eg. the Main dome, which has a third floor with office and 360° views and is bigger at NEEM than at NGRIP), but the main layout is the same.

The main dome contains the headquaters with kitchen, living area, work space, and camp office. Heavy-duty tents (so-called weather-ports) are used for sleeping tents, storage, and garage, while ice core drilling, handling, and analysis take place in trenches under the snow surface. The trenches are cut into the snow surface with a snowblower and are then covered with wooden roofs with snow on top. This is an efficient way of making laboratories with very few building materials, at the same time maintaining a steady low temperature for the ice cores.

The surface structures are placed well-spaced on lines perpendicular to the prevailing wind direction to minimize problems with snow drifts. The skiway is placed parallel to the prevailing wind direction to allow easier take-off with heavy loads.

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The science and drill trenches that hold the subsurface activities are made using a snow blower. Afterwards a plywood roof is used to close the trenches.
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This movie shows a time lapse photo series from the construction of the main dome in the NEEM camp. The construction phase took several weeks.
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