Modelling consortium

Names and contact details for chairs:

Frank Pattyn (
Christine Hvidberg (

Point of contact and procedure for joining the consortium mailing list

Please go to to sign up for the NEEM-modelling mailing list. The list is managed by the consortium chair.

A brief description of the work of the consortium.

The main objective of the NEEM modeling consortium is to support the interpretation of the NEEM ice core by providing a priori age scales and annual layer thickness. Model efforts also focus on interpreting the available data in the vicinity of the borehole through inverse modeling. The analysis of internal layers in radargrams, for instance, allows linking the NEEM ice core to other ice cores (such as NorthGrip). The modeling encompasses 3D and flowline modeling, large-scale paleoclimate modeling, and regional atmospheric modeling (both trajectory models for precipitation sources and isotopic modeling). Ice sheet model intercomparisons (ISMIPs) will be carried out to address the uncertainty in reproducing Eemian ice sheet geometry and climate (PMIP).

See consortia minutes (restricted access)