13 August 2011

Celebrating Gunnars birthday

Moving fuel tanks to winter storage.

The last Saturday in camp AND Gunnars birthday.

The day began grey and overcast with snow and we struggled to move things on the surface. During the afternoon the clouds lifted and we had a few hours with blue sky.

For the first time in days we could actually see the surface, the winter hills and the skiway. We used the time to move the fuel tanks and other big items on the surface.

With only seven in camp we had a very good Saturday night with snow lamb prepared by Sverrir and a big birthday chocolate cake prepared by Cyril. We enjoyed the left over bottled wine from the Royal visit and later in the evening we had a drink in the tomatoes. This was inspired by Cyril’s remark to Sverrir when Sverrir told Cyril he would have the tomatoes on the snow hill. Cyril shock his head and told Sverrir he was a silly boy.

What we have done today:
1.  Redistributed fuel between fuel tanks
2.  Moved fuel tanks to winter storage
3.  Preparing snow hills for winter storage
4.  Build winter cargo line on winter hill
5.  Recovered shallow drill from S5 drill site and returned to camp
6.  Flag line down
7.  Moved food to sauna garage
8.  Removing snow from wall of drill trench
9.  Documented and cleaned in science trench
10. Organized and documented food in freezer

Weather: Overcast, ground fog and snow, temp. -16°C to -4°C, no wind to wind 7 knots from SSW.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

Packed weatherport and bunk beds on the snow.


 Sverrir making the traditional snow
lamb the last Saturday in camp.
   Gunnar opening the champagne in
celebration of his birthday.


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