12 August 2011

Grey, white and snow

Dome in the clouds – 10 min with clearing weather.

Waking up to another overcast, foggy and snowy day! This makes all our activities difficult because we need to work outside with the closing of camp.

When the weather is like this there is no contour on the surface and moving cargo on the surface by skidoo, Cat or Pisten Bully is slow. Building the winter hills is near impossible as you cannot ‘see’ them – just suddenly you are driving sharply up…(or down).

What we have done today:
1. Receiving Skier 95 (camp received 5000 lbs fuel)
2. Taking down two weatherports
3. Cleaning up on apron
4. Maintaining the main generator
5. Taking down cargo line at drill and science trench
6. Removing snow from wall of science trench
7. Hosting a TV crew from Discovery Channel
8. Having JP and Nanna as overnighting visitors

Weather: Overcast, ground fog and snow, temp. -11°C to -4°C, no wind to wind 5 knots from W turning to S

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

ATO take off on August 11.

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