14 August 2011

Taking the last surface tents down

Sepp checking if he can smell if coffee is fresh.

The D-day for camp pull out is closing in and today the last surface tents where taken down: the fresh food tent and the white tent covering the entrances to the trenches.

The red lift and the stair case to the trenches were lowered and the entrance covered with plywood. The drill trench and the science trench are closed for this year. All food is documented and stored in the sauna tent.

In the warm and cozy dome we have a daily talk on how fresh coffee should be. Sepp has made experiments if you can smell if coffee is fresh. A check with a scientific thermometer shows that the coffee is close to 70°C warm.

What we have done today:
1. Packed shallow drill for transportation to Copenhagen
2. Documented and moved all food from food tent to sauna garage
3. Packed the food tent and the white weatherport
4. Placed all weatherports on the cargo line
5. Closed trenches
6. Entered documentation of science trench in database
7. Washing of camp linen

Weather: Overcast, ground fog and snow, temp. -12°C to -9°C, no wind to wind 10 knots from S turning to SW.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen


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