7 August 2011

Last day of science

Ground fog lifting over the NEEM camp after dinner.


Days are counted because the closure of camp is getting close. Today most science projects were terminated and packing is on all minds. Weights, bulk, HAZMAT, pallet configuration....

What we have done today:
1.  Packing the water vapor equipment
2.  Japanese aerosol station monitoring, last day
3.  Filling snow around the Dome
4.  Removing tools and equipment for Dome moving
5.  Finishing cabling around Dome and replacing HF antenna
6.  Drilling the last 7m of the 20 m McConnel shallow ice core
7.  GPS measurements near camp
8.  Testing the AWI drill with the DK HT inner and outer core barrels
9.  Packing ice cores and ECM
10. Grooming apron and taxiway

Ad 8
The AWI drill motor was tested with the Danish HT inner and outer core barrels in a fresh borehole. The drilling went well and the core breaks were easy. The AWI drill head and core dogs function well when the ice chips are transported away and no packing occur around the drill head.

The AWI drill tests are finished and packing has begun.

Weather: Ground fog clearing after dinner to blue sky with high clouds, temp. -18°C to -8°C, wind 4 to 12 knots from S

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen


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