30 July 2011

Big game evening


Renato walking in the snow to the vapour sampling tent.

During Saturday the wind picked up to 26 knots and the morning was used to secure camp for the strong winds. Outdoor activities reduced and indoor activities intensified.

The GEUS seismometer was dug out from the side cave of the science trench and moved to the centre of the unused core buffer area. The seismometer was centered and maintained.

Matilde and Cyril prepared sushi and pineapple with coconut snow crème for Saturday night dinner. Fantastic! The evening started with a grand football tournament with 8 teams, semifinals and a final. The final was played between the international teams of Mads (DK) and Bill (US) against Martin (G) and Renato (CH). After a very close match Martin and Renato won the final and the NEEM championship. The Icelanders played a wordgame with just as loud cheers as those around the football table.

The wind never exceeded 26 knots and all could safely walk to their tent to sleep.

What we have done today:
1. Monitoring of water vapor
2. Japanese aerosol station monitoring
3. Securing all loose items in camp for strong winds.
4. Due to high winds the Meridian UAV was towed back to the ‘hangar’.
5. Moving and maintaining the GEUS seismic station.

Weather: Overcast and snow, temp. -11°C to -3°C, wind 8 to 26 knots from SW.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

Football final between Mads(DK)/Bill(US) and Martin(D)/Renato(CH)
Football final between Mads(DK)/Bill(US) and Martin(D)/Renato(CH).

Icelandic wordgame.
Icelandic wordgame.

Matilde?s football expressions.
Matilde’s football expressions.


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