31 July 2011

Sunny and windy day

Dome in blowing snow. 

The weather forecasts had predicted clearing weather and decreasing winds. The weather did clear and after lunch we had blue sky but the winds continued to be 22-24 knots.

Our planned activities of moving snow, grooming skiway and flying UAV’s had to be kept on hold for lower winds.

Again indoor activities dominated: Sepps warm lab was moved forward in the trench because the back part of the roof of the science trench is hanging low. The first 6 meters of the newly drilled 3 inch B26 ice core was processed in the science trench. DEP and density was measured and 2.5 cm and 55 cm stable water isotope samples cut.

Just before dinner an attempt to remove snow to remake the ramp from the ‘hangar’ was attempted but as the winds still were high skiway grooming was postponed for early Monday morning.

What we have done today:
1. Monitoring of water vapor
2. Japanese aerosol station monitoring
3. Processing the B26 ice core bag 4-15
4. Working on the AWI drill motor
5. Repairing the DK shallow drill
6. Maintaining power cables in trenches
7. Taking motor in Skidoo3 apart in preparation for repair when spareparts arrive
  10 August
8. Moving Sepp’s warm lab in the science trench
9. UAV missions not possible due to too high winds

Weather: Overcast and snow clearing to blue sky, temp. -8°C to -3°C, wind
16 to 26 knots from S.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen


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