23 July 2011

A warm day with a very successful Skier mission

Field Leader Notebook: Successful Skier 61 mission to NEEM

After a warm night with temperatures no lower than -3 °C Skier 61 came early to camp at 08:14 local. We had a very fast turn around receiving 6 PAX and departing 5 PAX. A great cheer to Skier 61 for the very impressive take off under very warm skiway conditions. After the airport at NEEM closed we unpacked cargo, settled the new NEEM’ers in and prepared Saturday Night dinner.

What we have done today:
1.  Monitoring of water vapor
2.  Japanese aerosol station monitoring
3.  Unpacking pallets
4.  Mounting panels in the ring around the Dome and tightening 500 bolts
5.  Moving snow away from Dome
6.  Preparing a snow ramp for the UAV from the ‘hangar’.
7.  Saturday night

Weather: Early morning overcast,  clearing during evening, Temp. -7 °C to -0.5 °C, wind 4 to 18 knots from S

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

Saturday Night Dinner by Lars, Susanne, Sepp and Mads

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