22 July 2011

Last day in camp for many

Friends – Goodbye – see you later.

Now all setups have to work before the science groups leave camp. The GLISN team with many helpers are desperately finishing the installation of the borehole seismometer and just before dinner Dean is able to monitor the data on his labtop. The Japanese aerosol monitoring system is ready, the vapour monitoring is being prepared by HC to be given over to Renato… A busy, busy day. Also a remarkable day because the blue ring is mounted around the Dome. The Dome is quite sensitive to wind and a leval has been placed in the office to monitor changes!

What we have done today:
1.  Monitoring of water vapor
2.  Japanese aerosol station monitoring
3.  Packing
4.  First results from GLISN
5.  CReSIS repair of radar
6.  Mounting panels in the ring around the Dome
7.  Preparing cargo for Skier

Weather: Early morning overcast but clearing, Temp. -5 °C to -3 °C, wind 4 to 20 knots from SW.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

Dean with the first GLISN data

The ring is around the Dome

Keeping the Dome in level

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