21 July 2011

High school students visit

High School students from Greenland, Denmark and the US visiting NEEM

What we have done today:
1.  Received Skier 41
2.  One hour visit of the high school students under the Science and Education Program
3.  Monitoring of water vapor
4.  Mounting Japanese aerosol station
5.  Sampling Japanese pit to 5.5 m and packing
6.  Working on the GLISN project
7.  CReSIS first flight of the small UAV
8.  Mounting panels in the ring around the Dome
9.  Logging deep borehole
10.  Repairing winch motor system on 3 inch shallow drill

Ad 1: the Skier mission was very successful, off load, on load and fuelling went fast and smooth. Take off without  ATO using half the skiway. Thanks to the crew of Skier 41.

Ad 2: A 2 day stay for the students was planned but due to weather delays the visit was shortened to 1 hour. We were impressed by the knowledge and the good questions from the students. Wish they could have stayed longer.

Ad 6: The seismic instrument was lowered into the borehole. Depth of the instrument 320 m.

Weather: Early morning overcast but clearing, Temp. -7 °C to -3 °C, wind 4 to 16 knots from SW changing to S.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

GLISN solar panels and wind turbine installed

Kumiko finished with the pit now packing all equipment

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