15 July 2011

Showing our camp to our Distinguished Visitors.

Driving DV’s to shallow drill sites

Finally the great day came where our DV’s managed to get to camp for a three hour visit. The camp was ready and we had carefully planned a program that would present the ongoing science at NEEM. We went by skidoo 3 km from camp and the CFA group offered the visitors the opportunity to drill an ice core. Steff, Christopher and Anais was drilling the 30 m ice core from BAS and the operation of the 3 inch shallow drill was presented. In the science trench the deep drilling was presented and the basal ice cores where put on display. The Danish ministers Charlotte Sahl-Madsen and Lykke Friis and the Greenlandic minister Palle Christensen where very active and we would like to thank them for showing such interest for our research. The Skier did not manage to take off in the warm weather and we ended being 45 for dinner and overnight. Cyril used magic to produce outstanding food for all.

What we have done today:
1.  Received Skier 51 with our Distinguished Visitors and new NEEM personal
2.  Showed our visitors the activities at NEEM camp
3.  Monitoring of water vapor
4.  Drilled ice cores for the BAS 30 m ice core
5.  Hosting the visitors and the Skier 51 overnight
6.  Grooming skiway
7.  Put Birdie in a cardboard box to bring her out to Kangerlussuaq

Weather: Broken overcast, Temp. -9 °C to -4 °C, wind 8 to 15 knots from SE turning to SW.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

DV’s proudly presenting the firn core they drilled

Three ministers visiting NEEM

Goodbye to Birdie

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